taking back sunday

Who loves who?

Heyy guys!

the first one is...Who loves who?


Why do I say it?


'Cause is an amazing singer, 'cause yeah, and millions reason more.

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I heart underoath and tbs

Hi Again :)

Hii Everybody!
I'm here again, finally I've can to entered !
It's about time!

Well, I will put something for yours, I don't know if I put icons, wallpapers or other thing but I will put something sure!
forward I will bring ;)

Now I've got many test at High School, so I haven't got time! :/

Well I love my watchers
! :)
I hope come back soon!

Bye! many kisses!

Sandry :)

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Crepúsculo Wallpaper/Twilight Wallpaper

Hola! por fin vengo con otras cosas , son pocas pero es que tengo poco tiempo .
De todos modos espero que os guste, son de crepúsculo que ya queda poco para que se estrene en España!!
PhotobucketHello! Finally I come with other things, they are small but it is that I have a little time.
Anyhow I hope that you like, they are of twilight that already remains small in order that it has the premiere in Spain!!

[02] Wallpapers Crepúsculo (Twilight)[Black & White]
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